Production process overview

July 4, 2018

Latest company news about Production process overview

First, production automation:

1. The patch series has high precision and the error is in the micron level;
2, high production efficiency, more than 20,000 per hour;
3, easy to program, with the ability to convert the printed board diagram into CAD format directly into the machine recognition;
4, production automation, from the raw materials of the product are all controlled by the computer without manual operation, until the finished product is automatically completed, and the operator only needs to be responsible for the auxiliary and production process monitoring;
5, in line with environmental protection requirements, the production line is in line with the international electronic product ROHS standard production process, the product has obtained the ROHS certification of the authority.


Second, management information:

The production of power protection devices is different from other electronic products, characterized by small batches and multiple varieties. And a wide variety of components, bringing a big problem to the procurement of manual components. With advanced equipment and advanced management, the company introduced ERP enterprise resource management software at the end of 2007. We maintain the different BOMs of all instruments in the ERP system, and then the thousands of raw material procurement plans of the products are automatically calculated by MRP according to the BOM of the whole machine, which avoids the wrong purchase and excessive purchase of raw materials brought by previous manual planning. The occurrence of phenomena such as leakage purchases has enabled the funds to be fully utilized.
The customer order is uploaded by the CRM system to the company's ERP system. It is completely seamlessly connected by the computer. It is automatically calculated by MPS according to the production BOM of the whole machine, and the corresponding production order is generated to avoid the wrong material and missed hair. Each process provides bar code scanning equipment, realizing the real-time upload of production information, accurate display of product production status, accurate statistics of product related data, and reliable guarantee of product production process, which satisfies the full control of the entire production process.


Third, the production information visualization:
We installed a large-screen electronic display on the production site. The planned quantity, the released quantity, the number of work-in-progress and the completed quantity of each customer's order can be displayed in real time, which is the best auxiliary tool for production schedule.
The information platform of the production department can be accessed through a remote client. As long as the corresponding order number is entered, the current production status of the order can be inquired, and the interaction between the production information and the marketing department is realized.
Company management personnel can query production-related information through any computer of the company, including employee production information, quality abnormal information generated during production, and so on. If the number of repeated abnormalities reaches the upper limit of the number of alarms set in the system, the system will automatically report this information to the appropriate supervisor. The system will automatically draw various types of charts according to this information every month. The data collected by some special processes can also automatically draw normal distribution curves as an important basis for quality anomaly analysis.


Fourth, the production environment is dust-free:

Due to the lead-free process adopted by the company, we found that the production environment has a great impact on product quality during the production process. The company has made corresponding changes to the entire production workshop in terms of air dust, summer heat, wetness in the rainy season, and static electricity in the winter.
1. Close all the original redundant windows and fully enclose the passages entering the workshop;
2, install a large number of air conditioning equipment, so that the temperature of the entire workshop is constant throughout the year;
3. Purchased a large air freeze dryer to ensure that the humidity in the workshop is within a reasonable range;
4. The anti-static floor is laid, and an anti-static ceiling is laid. The grounding point of the workshop floor is set at a certain distance. Ensure that every piece of equipment and workbench in the workshop can be connected to the earth. Each employee has issued anti-static overalls and wears anti-static bracelets during work to reduce the impact of static electricity on product quality.