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dongguan Julun  electronics co.,ltd

China Ceramic Automotive Fuses & Automotive Blade Fuses Manufacturer

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dongguan Julun electronics co.,ltd

Metso electronics is a provider of electronic components, design and development services for electronic manufacturing enterprises. The supply chain is integrated, optimized and efficient. Service products: protection components, fuse and fuse holder series, series resistance, capacitor series, and other services, covering a wide range of industrial electronics, communications equipment, consumer ...
China dongguan Julun  electronics co.,ltd
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China leading provider of Ceramic Automotive Fuses & Automotive Blade Fuses
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First, production automation: 1, the patch is high precision, the error is in the micron level; 2, high production efficiency, can paste more than 20,000 per hour; 3, the patch quality is good, the ...
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